When you’re in the market for a home, you’ll see not just maps and locations of places, but a world-full of potential spaces for you (and your family). It might be a little overwhelming, and most of the times challenging, to choose the house of your dreams out of the many abode presented on a catalogue. This is where Century 21 Bright Horizons comes in. We won’t let you squint through the endless list of houses and spaces for sale. We won’t let you get through the hassle of finding a home. No pressure, no worries, no trouble. Our real estate services in E. Garvey Ave. South West Covina CA will be your easiest way to find, locate, and live on your dream house at a quick catch!

Now preliminary house sorting will come through pictures. The house’s façade, number of bedrooms, architectural design of its living room, and its kitchen style – all will look good in photos. As what they say, “A picture can paint a thousand words.” But being at the location, seeing and scanning the space up close and on hand, and gauging your like-meter based on what you’ve personally scrutinized do speak more volumes than those online pictures. Open houses are a tire kicker. Part of Century 21 Bright Horizons’ real estate services in E. Garvey Ave. South West Covina CA are the provision of open houses, to give you an accurate view on your prospective site and help you bring a solid decision to it.

But as you’re scouting one of your prospective houses, here is a list of what you should look for:


    Take a good look at the entire perimeter of the house. Are there any areas that need repair or maintenance? Does its paint still looking fresh or is it chipped? Most photos could be enticing and appear too good to be true, all because the property’s flaws are stored behind camera lens. This is just another reason why you should visit an open house. Is the house really spacious in person? Are there enough spaces for your family to lounge? Is the staircase too narrow and steep? Be thrilled to know the exact details personally.


    Is the home’s layout fit for your family’s lifestyle? Does it have a bedroom downstairs for your beloved elder? Are bathrooms can be easily accessed? Is the hallway too tapered for your kids who love running around the house? The layout plan is very critical, most especially if you have specifics in mind – such as a suitable workplace at home.


    If it looks good but smells bad, it’s still a major turnoff. How could you live peacefully in a place that stinks? Be critical with water stains on the ceilings as it may be due to faulty drainage and roof problems.


    The sun is in. If you enjoy the sunny side of living at home, you might want to consider a space that allows an ample amount of light to pass through. And air is as important as sunlight too. Getting a fresh breeze is more enjoyable – most especially if it means helping you cut down those extra bills during mid-summer.


    Buying a house is a package deal – you buy the house and its neighborhood as well. As you visit the property in person, try to take note on its environment, traffic speed, and convenience to your family’s needs.

At Century 21 Bright Horizons, you’re a step away from getting your desired property! Avail our real estate services in E. Garvey Ave. South West Covina CA today and we’ll help you navigate through our open houses!

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