It Matters That Your Real Estate Agent Is a Recipient of Century 21 Quality Service Award

It Matters That Your Real Estate Agent Is a Recipient of Century 21 Quality Service Award
There are decisions we make in life that a minor mistake of which can cost us a lot.

One such decision is either buying a real property such as a house and lot or just a lot or selling it. This is one major activity that we cannot afford to commit even a minute misstep for the consequences could be too damaging.

Just imagine yourself having bought an attractive piece of property only to find out later that said property is replete with encumbrances, especially regarding its ownership.

Or you are able to transact business with a fly by night real estate firm which runs off with your down payments, or a con man masquerading as a real estate agent dupes you about the real market value of your precious possession.

These are just two of the countless awful scenarios that might possibly happen if we are not cautious, discerning and vigilant as to who to talk to when it comes to buying or disposing of expensive assets.

That’s when the significance of accreditations, certifications, recognitions and awards from independent bodies comes to the fore.

CENTURY 21 Bright Horizons Is a Quality Service Awardee

Our real estate company, CENTURY 21 Bright Horizons, the known provider of high-quality real estate services in E. Garvey Ave. South West Covina CA, is a recipient of the Quality Service Award being given by the Century 21 System.

You may ask: what’s the big deal about the quality service award from Century 21 System?

Here’s why it is such an honor to be given such recognition. The Quality Service Program, a core initiative of the Century 21 System, provides feedback to System members to enhance their quality service pledge to their customers. (Source: Century 21 website)

Those who are doing exemplary performances in the area of quality service to their customers are recognized accordingly.

There are four nationwide award categories that recognize consistent, outstanding service: Quality Service Producer, Quality Service Team, Quality Service Office, and Quality Service Pinnacle. (Source: Century 21 website)

You may have a follow-up question: what’s Century 21 System?

Well, it is the world’s leading real estate sales organization due largely to the unparalleled effort and quality service of highly dedicated sales associates.

Please take note. It is not just the nation’s leading organization for real estate players, but the world’s leading real estate organization. Century 21 System monitors the performances of its members in the areas of sales and quality service.

Shouldn’t You Put Your Trust in a Quality Service Awardee?

You need not answer the above question. It simply goes without saying that when we talk about your real estate needs, a firm recognized by a leading global organization deserves your unbridled trust and support.

CENTURY 21 Bright Horizons deserves your unwavering faith and patronage!

We invite you to click this link so you’ll get to know more about our company and the people behind it. As we love to say, people are the best assets of an organization. Well, we have one of the most experienced, skilled and service-oriented teams of sales agents and real estate brokers this part of California has ever produced.

From the president down to the last employee of our firm, we all stand by our mission “to dedicate the highest quality of customer service to our clients and customers with honesty, integrity, and a professional environment.”

For your real estate requirements, especially residential units, in San Gabriel Valley more particularly in West Covina area, please let us know.

You can always call us at 800-421-2154. You also have a choice to relay your messages to us, together with your queries and requests, through fax at 626-214-9750 or through email at

We maintain an office at 3110 E. Garvey Ave. South, West Covina, CA 91791 (view map and directions »). We would be more than happy to welcome you here, so we can discuss your concerns in person.

How important are the awards and recognitions to you on your choice of a real estate broker or agent? Please let us know your views on the matter by posting them in the comments section below.

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