4 Inexpensive Fixes To Increase The Value Of Your Home

4 Inexpensive Fixes To Increase The Value Of Your Home
Are you looking for ways to increase the value of your home without having to spend too much? Whether you simply want to beautify your home for your own enjoyment, or if you are getting ready to sell it, here are some tips from us at CENTURY 21 Bright Horizons for you to consider.

  1. Check your carpet.

    Your carpeting is an important detail that you can quickly and inexpensively update to make your home cleaner and more presentable. You can invest in a new carpet or you can consider a professional carpet cleaning service.

    If your carpet is already showing serious wear but you don’t want to replace it, cover it instead with inexpensive and cleverly placed area rugs.

  1. Update locks.

    Do you have a fragile little lock on your main entrance door? If you do, we suggest that you invest in a sturdy-looking hand-and-lock set. If you are planning to sell your home, a big piece of lock on your front door will show your potential buyers that it is a solid and safe place.

  1. Increase curb appeal.

    Your curb is the very first thing that passers-by and potential buyers see. This is why you have to increase your curb appeal. Making sure that your lawn is cleanly mowed, sweeping your walkway, placing some beautiful flowerbeds and shrubs, will go a long way to increasing your curb’s appeal.

  1. Update your kitchen.

    For many, the kitchen is considered as the heart of the home and most potential home buyers directly go to this room when they first view a home that is for sale. So, make sure that your kitchen looks reasonably updated and most of all, make sure that it is clean.

As a top provider of real estate services in E. Garvey Ave. South West Covina CA, these are just four useful tips from us at CENTURY 21 Bright Horizons. If you want to list with us or if you need further real estate advice, please give us a call at 800-421-2154.

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